St Andrew’s normally uses the 1970 liturgy for Holy Communion (the Grey Book). There have been requests for the more modern 1982 service (the Blue Book). So every two months on the fourth Sunday of the month we shall use the Blue Book, starting on Sunday 25th January—not even on this rota. The Blue Book is in more common use, and a little variety does us good. It is still the Lord’s own table, and He gives Himself to us.


Beatrix was the last of her family to attend St Andrew’s. Some of us remembered her dear half-sister Olive. We have an altar book given by the family in 1945, and Beatrix was confirmed by Bishop Deane. Miss Neesham was our Lay Representative, had a lovely reading voice, and was well-known in Banff. She was a midwife before coming back here to look after her family.

She was 95, and her relatives were in New Zealand, so the congregation represented the family at the Requiem. Her niece wrote to Pam that the family were “all so grateful for all the love and care shown to B during her ‘fragile years’… to Father Jeremy for so faithfully bringing her Holy Communion and offering Requiem Mass for her… And above all to Pam, a very special friend indeed”. “May God bless you all in B’s little family of St Andrew’s – you may be small in number but you are all faithfully loving and serving God and one another. This is wonderful”.